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Sep 05, 2014

Each Year, Simple Coding Errors Cause Millions in Losses

Fatal Error 

TL;DR: Small coding errors can cause big problems for developers, yet they are spending less of their time and resources on testing. Even the most sophisticated systems are vulnerable to simple software coding errors. A layered approach to...

Sep 05, 2014

The Security Risks That Make Coding Errors Dangerous

TL;DR: As development cycles get shorter and shorter and demands on programmers' time increase, it can be tempting to take the easy route when coding a new app. Too often, however, coding shortcuts are open invitations to hackers. Now there's a...

Sep 03, 2014

In-House Fail! Successful App Development Looks Outside IT for Critical, Timely Resources and Skills

TL;DR: Surveys indicate that application development projects have a greater chance of coming in on time, finishing at or under budget, and delivering programs that meet or exceed user needs when IT managers take advantage of the expertise and...

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